Spectrum Scientific specializes in high volume, custom components for OEM customers. Our replication process allows us to manufacture high fidelity, high specification mirrors at highly competitive prices and we can design and manufacture custom gratings and mirrors to meet your exact specification.

In addition to custom manufacturing, we offer a range of standard and off the shelf diffraction gratings and replicated mirrors to both OEM and research customers. Many of these products can be shipped directly from stock, while non-stock and custom modifications to existing products can usually ship within a few weeks.

Our clean room production and test areas are space qualified, offering a silicone free environment for the manufacture of replicated silicon carbide mirrors and ultra-low stray light gratings.

We also manufacture a range of miniature spectrometers optimized for UV use, offering very low stray light coupled with high efficiency. These can be supplied as either complete systems or as OEM modules.

Please contact our sales team or complete our request information form for custom modifications to existing products, or to obtain volume pricing.