Aspheric Mirrors & Retroreflectors

Using a state-of-the-art replication process, Spectrum Scientific offers a cost-effective solution to producing high volume precision aspheric mirrors whilst maintaining the same optical performance and environmental stability of mirrors produced using conventional methods.

Replicated optics are manufactured by first producing a master to the required specification and then transferring the optical quality of the master to a substrate through a replication process rather than by conventional polishing (see the replication process explained).

Available on a wide range of substrates including glass, aluminum and ceramics, replicated mirrors can be used in a variety of applications where complex optical surfaces are utilized. Often an optical surface can be replicated onto the mounting structure leading to easier alignment and further cost savings.

Our mirrors are available with a range of coatings from 120nm to 10μm are available. For further information, please visit our Optical Coatings page.

In addition to custom manufactured mirrors, Spectrum Scientific offers a range of standard mirrors. If we do not have a mirror that meets your requirement, please contact our sales department as new mirrors are manufactured on a regular basis.

Aspheric Mirrors & Retroreflectors